Welcome to Mount Merici Academy

Mount Merici Academy is an Ursuline Catholic school for Nursery aged students through the 8th grade. Located in Waterville, ME, we have designed our curriculum with a focus on our mission: nurturing the whole child – mind, body and spirit – providing love and guidance so that students can achieve their personal best.

In partnership with families, our goal is to instill Christ-centered values of respect, responsibility and self-discipline, teaching students in the Ursuline Serviam tradition of service to our community and the world. Our curriculum is centered on basic skills of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social sciences at all grade levels. We empower students to continue to succeed once they leave our school, and become leaders who serve their family and community.

For a quality Christ-centered education and environment where your child will grow and thrive, come visit Mount Merici Academy and see for yourself why you should enroll your child today. Contact us for more information!

“This is why we send our child to Mount Merici Academy.”

Mount Merici Academy is proud to announce our 2016 Standardized Test Scores:

Grade 3: 3 grade levels above current grade 

Grade 4: 3.5 grade levels above current grade

Grade 5: 3.5 grade levels above current grade

Grade 6: 4 grade levels above current grade

Grade 7: 3.5 grade levels above current grade

Grade 8: 3.25 grade levels above current grade

We are proud of our continued academic tradition!