Upper Wing Curricula and Teacher Philosophies

Mount Merici’s Academy’s Upper Wing (middle school/junior high school) provides a fruitful, exciting experience for students, filled with amazing opportunities for their development intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally. We believe each student is gifted, and can learn to celebrate and share those gifts with others. We encourage self-discipline, allowing students to begin relying more on their own good judgment. The academic curriculum is challenging, preparing students for higher learning, but taught in a comfortable environment conducive to learning new skills, and sharing ideas and dreams.

Upper Wing students experience “Serviam” through a wide variety of service projects including participating in weekly service work at the local soup kitchen, senior center, food bank and in the classrooms as well as with their younger school “buddies”. 8th grade students complete extensive personal service projects prior to graduating.

Teachers relate to students on important matters that go beyond factual information found in books, including discussions about truth and justice, and feelings of respect, love, and compassion.

Please note that we have added a STEM/STREAM program to our Upper Wing, the curriculum for which will be added to this document soon.

Please click on the following link to open our Upper Wing academic curricula:

Upper Grade Curricula 2017-18