Make a Difference by Supporting Mount Merici Academy

Make a difference in the life of a child, in your community, and in the world.

Sometimes making a difference in the world means supporting others who are making a difference in the world.  When you support Mount Merici Academy, your kindness is far-reaching and longstanding.

Mount Merici Academy students not only receive the best academic preparation Central Maine has to offer to its children, but they learn from very early on how to use their own unique gifts to make the world around them a better place.

To the left, our Kindergarteners proudly participating in the Rice Bowl Program to feed those less fortunate than they are.  To the right, results of school-wide participation in the collection of food donations for the Alfond Youth Center’s Weekend Backpack Program.

With Serviam, (“I will serve”) being the motto of all Ursuline schools for centuries, Mount Merici students participate in countless service projects throughout the school year, and they learn the importance and the feeling of fulfillment that comes from extending their hearts and hands in compassionate giving.

Mount Merici students make a difference in their community, with middle school students serving at the local soup kitchen, the food bank, at the Muskie Center for our elders and disabled adults, and at school.

Our students participate every year, all year long, in service projects that benefit the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, Maine veterans, and many others.


To the left, our middle school students made 36 baby quilts for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. Junior high students looking outside themselves for ways to make the world a little warmer and a little bit more colorful for those who are struggling.



To the left and right, our middle school students at the Portland Jetport welcoming home World War II Veterans from their Honor Flight experience.




Below, our pre-teens raking the yard of elderly neighbors of Mount Merici.


These are only a fraction of the ways in which Mount Merici Academy gives back to the community, and teaches its students the art of giving with an kind and open heart as they make their way in the world.

Mount Merici alumni have proven year after year after year that this “Serviam” foundation creates good stewards in the world who have cultivated a lifelong dedication to service in their communities and in the world at large, as they continue to extend their Serviam hearts globally.


Mount Merici Academy Alumna Molly Fitzpatrick teaching and guiding youth in Senegal, Africa.





Mount Merici Academy Alumna Whitney (Russo) Staropoli volunteering as a physical therapist in Guatemala.





Mount Merici Academy Alumni Art “Bear” Turmelle volunteering at an annual community fellowship event in his hometown.






Mount Merici Academy alumni Jonathan and Annesley Beringer fighting wildfires in Oregon.