Meet the Faculty of Mount Merici Academy

Mount Merici Academy is fully administered and staffed by a dedicated lay Head of School, Dean of Students and Maine State Certified faculty. Offering a multitude of programs of academic excellence, our faculty’s mission is to nurture the “full development of each child’s gifts of intellect, will, and heart…the formation of the whole person.”


Mount Merici Academy Faculty and Staff:


Nursery School

Ms. Cortney Rossignol, Co-Teacher






Ms. Taylor Stevens. Co-Teacher







Ms. Connie Turmelle, Lead Teacher




Ms. Sharon Palmer, Educational Technician




Elizabeth Gagne, Educational Technician







Ms. Nicole Barbeau, Teacher







Ms. Shasta Pelotte, Teacher





First Grade

Ms. Pamela Wilcox, Teacher


Ms. Susan Shirley, Educational Technician






Second Grade

Ms. Martha Hart, Teacher






Ms. Marianne Feller, Educational Technician





Third Grade

Ms. Juli Jones, Teacher





Mr. Michael Roy, Educational Technician






Fourth Grade

Ms. Stacy Shoulta, Teacher







Fifth Grade

Ms. Jess Beers, 5th Grade Teacher









Upper Wing Faculty

Ms. Donna Russo,  Dean of Students,  Athletic Director, Upper Wing Lead Teacher, 7th Grade Homeroom, Physical Education Teacher Grades 4-8, Service Work Coordinator, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, 8th Grade Service Project Advisor, Life Sports Director



Ms. Maureen Rispoli, K-8 French Teacher, Librarian







Mr. Troy Frost, STREAM Teacher and 6th Grade Math and Homeroom Teacher





Ms. Kelly Smith, 8th Grade Homeroom, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Science Teacher, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher




Ms. Teresa Sinclair,  Pre-Algebra,  Algebra, Geometry Teacher, 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher





Ms. Deb Biche-Labbe, Upper Wing Language Arts Teacher


Schoolwide Faculty and Staff




Mr. Doug Giles, Technology Teacher






Ms. Edwina Phillips, Child Care Director









Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick, Head of School





Donna M. Russo, Dean of Students






Ms. Cassie Marden, Secretary/Receptionist




Ms. Nicole Brown, Finance





Ms. Julia Vigue, Music, Director of Communications & Marketing