Grade 2

Grade 2 is filled with new and exciting opportunities for academic and social growth! It is also a special year for those of our students who are Catholic as they prepare for and receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. We continue in our philosophy of providing students with a safe, stimulating and accepting environment which fosters an awareness and opportunity to practice values that include kindness, compassion and helpful service to others.


Students continue to explore their faith and spirituality, and are offered many experiences that help them to learn to live a life of kindness, compassion and respect.  They also learn about the difference they can make in one person’s life, in the family and community, and in the world at large.


Reading is fun in second grade! Students are grouped by level and degree of competence and work to progress from their beginning level in reading. We learn about vowel sounds, contractions and compound words to improve reading skills. Second graders begin sequencing story events, increasing their vocabulary and greatly improve their reading for meaning.


Students work to gain competence in written communication. Second graders write in journals, write and share their stories, using fellow students as editing tutors! We begin with child-invented spelling of the words, and work toward conventional spelling.


In second grade, students explore letter/sound combinations and finding successful ways to study and learn words. We use a list of words commonly used in children’s writing. Each child will have a list of words to take home and practice for a weekly test.


Second grade math is taught using the Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley Program. Students explore basic number concepts with a focus on geometry, fractions, graphing, patterns, estimating and problem solving. The class will learn addition and subtraction to 18, working with numbers to 100, telling time and counting and using money. Our goal is to also experience addition and subtraction with regrouping.

Social Studies

Social studies is a literature-based trip around the world. We use literature to explore culture and life in our world and in other parts of the world and incorporate map reading activities and geographic terms with each new unit.


Second graders participate in weekly gym class. They do not change clothing, but do require sneakers. Girls are required to wear shorts under their uniforms.

Child Lures Program

The Child Lures School Program is designed to teach students personal safety skills that will enable them to take an active and necessary role in protecting themselves from crimes against children. This program strives for a balance that will preserve as much of the innocence and optimism of childhood while making students aware of potentially dangerous people and situations.

Second grade students also participate in weekly French and computer instruction, Art and Music, and school-wide service projects and special events.

Morning and After School Care services are available. Contact us for more information!