Grade 1

First grade is a big year for students! Continuing in our philosophy to make children feel valued and unique, Mrs. Lowell teaches to students’ individual needs and learning styles. Children work in a caring and respectful learning environment where they will grow spiritually, socially, emotionally and intellectually. First grade focuses on student strengths in all aspects of learning. We believe that by modeling positive decision-making, we can guide children in making their own positive choices.


Students learn about the amazing gifts that God has given us, and how we take care of these gifts. Children will learn to treat others with kindness and compassion, and to understand the difference they make as they interact in the world around them.


Children develop understanding and insight of the patterns of mathematics through the use of manipulatives. Problem solving skills are taught with all math topics, which include: patterns, sorting, classifying and graphing, counting, learning place value, counting money, addition and subtraction, fractions and geometry.


Students learn to read using various strategies: decoding words phonetically; using picture clues; and using context clues. Children strengthen comprehension skills with group discussion and individual reading response activities. They work daily with first grade phonics skills and use various leveled books to meet their individual needs. We make reading fun!


Students will learn to read and spell high-frequency words and learn phonetically the patterns which allow them to decode and spell many words. Spelling lists will be composed of ten words (four high frequency words and six phonetically patterned words). Children will receive a weekly spelling list on Mondays to practice at home and in school. A spelling test is given weekly. The goal is for students to begin using more conventional spelling as the year progresses.


Writing in first grade is fun, as students draw from personal experiences! Children use “invented” spelling and progress toward conventional spelling. Writing to communicate is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to share their writing with teachers and classmates. We use the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum where children will progress to learn correct letter formation habits.


Students learn to make observations and predictions as they are involved in experience-based lessons. We bring abstract concepts to a concrete level with experiments and activities. First and second graders cycle through a two-year science curriculum. Included in the two- year cycle are: Life cycles, Five Senses, Electricity, Simple Machines, Plants, Animals, Magnets, Solar System and Weather.

Social Studies

Students learn about the following topics and connect what they learn to their own personal experiences: Careers/Community, Holidays, Map/Globe Skills, State of Maine, and Cultures around the World.

Child “Lures” Safety Program

First graders are encouraged to trust their instincts, and we role-play ways to stay safe in various situations by participating in the Child Lures Safety Program. By the end of the program, children will have practiced and role-played ways to remain safe in situations that relate to the assistance, bribery, pet, name recognition and emergency lures.

Grade 1 students also participate in weekly French and Computer instruction, as well as Physical Education, Art, Music, school-wide service projects and special events.

Morning and After School Care services are available. Contact us for more information!