Academic Excellence

Students at Mount Merici Academy experience small class sizes and individual attention from our faculty members. Our students are encouraged to work together and ask questions freely. Students are educated in the Ursuline tradition, with emphasis on nurturing the whole child – mind, body and spirit.

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Standardized Testing at Mount Merici Academy:

Mount Merici Academy has a longstanding commitment to academic excellence, and this commitment is clearly illustrated in the consistently extraordinary annual results of our Stanford Achievement Tests.  While we believe that a strong educational foundation is about far more than test scores, we are proud to share with you a glimpse of the academic excellence Mount Merici Academy offers to its students.

For the 2018-2019 school year, overall averages including all students, Grades 3-8:

Grade 3:     2.01 grade levels above current grade  (nationally, Grade 5.01 equivalency)

Grade 4:     2.80 grade levels above current grade  (nationally, Grade 6.80 equivalency)

Grade 5:     2.62 grade levels above current grade  (nationally, Grade 7.62 equivalency)

Grade 6:     4.69 grade levels above current grade  (nationally, Grade 10.69 equiv.)

Grade 7:     3.78 grade levels above current grade  (nationally, Grade 10.78 equiv.)

Grade 8:     4.57 grade levels above current grade  (nationally, Grade 12.57 equivalency)

We are proud of our tradition of academic excellence!

We answer your questions about standardized testing at MMA:

What standardized test does Mount Merici Academy use?

Mount Merici Academy uses the Stanford Achievement Test Series, the most recent version of which is referred to as the “Stanford 10”.

Are all students tested?

At Mount Merici Academy we test all students in Grades 3 through 8.

Are the grades of all students included in the overall average, including students who receive Title One services, students for whom English is not the first language, etc.?

Yes, Mount Merici Academy includes the test results of EVERY student in grades 3 through 8 when compiling overall test results.

If you have any additional questions about standardized testing at Mount Merici Academy, please feel free to contact our Principal.