Enroll Your Child at Mount Merici Academy

Give your child the best possible foundation for a rich, fulfilling life by investing in a wholesome, fully-rounded education with a focus on academic excellence, service, strong values, self-discipline, healthy choices, closely bonded relationships, and the seed of lifelong spiritual growth.

Why Enroll Your Child at Mount Merici Academy?


Our Stanford Achievement Test scores are consistently high, with our students scoring an average of four grade levels higher than their peers nationally.

Mount Merici Academy is uniquely accredited by the highly esteemed New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  No other school in the area has met the rigorously high standards of this impressive accreditation.

From the NEASC:

“Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges” assures that our members:

  •  Strive to achieve rigorous and common standards in education
  •  Demonstrate substantive institutional commitment to continual improvement
  •  Commit to balancing the creative tensions that exist between local autonomy and public authority
  •  Nurture individual creative accomplishment

Accreditation is a catalyst for school improvement.

Emphasis on Service

The Serviam Shield, a symbol of our commitment to serve, is worn on all student uniforms. Serving others is a component of every class curriculum. More importantly, the active engagement in service, from Pre-Kindergarten through our expanded middle school community service program, not only plants the Serviam seed in all Mount Merici students toward a greater likelihood that they will become leaders and good stewards in the world as adults, but also instills in young children a belief in their own abilities to influence positive change and compassionate improvements in the world around them.


Whether our youngest students are collecting food to benefit the local “Weekend Backpack Program” or contributing their own precious dimes and dollars to the “Rice Bowl Program”, they recognize that they are capable of helping to feed children less fortunate than they are, and that with some compassion and effort, they can make a difference, even with their tiny hands.

In our middle school we find our 6th and 7th grade students working diligently every week at the area soup kitchen, food bank, the Muskie Center for elders and disabled adults, here at school, and on a multitude of fulfilling service projects.


Our 8th grade students draw from the wealth of their previous years of service work to create a year-long senior service project based on their own individual interests, so that they leave Mount Merici Academy with a clear understanding of their abilities to extend their hearts and hands by contributing their own individual gifts in their communities and in the world-at-large.

At Mount Merici Academy, every child learns what it feels like to make a difference.

Respectful, Nurturing and Safe Environment

Mount Merici Academy offers to parents and families the priceless gift of reassurance by providing a safe, secure, respectful and nurturing environment for their children while they are away from their families during the school day.

Additionally, while we welcome visits by family and friends, we are mindful of safety measures, limiting public access to ensure the security of our students. The children of Mount Merici Academy are treated with respect, and they know that they are loved, protected and safe.

Enrichment Opportunities

The strong academic curriculum and service programs at Mount Merici Academy are complemented by a wide array of enrichment opportunities including: Physical Education, Life Sports, after-school athletics (grades 3-8), French classes (K-8), Technology (K-8), Art (Nursery-8), Music (Nursery-8), after-school Drama/Theater, Big Buddy Program (K-8), Odyssey of the Mind (6-8), Writer’s Workshop (6-8), Chess Club (6-8), “The Spark” (Mount Merici’s “extend love and peace flash mob” musical group for grades 6-8), The Mount Merici Honor Guard (6-8) and after-school violin and piano lessons (K-8).


praying hands

At Mount Merici Academy we begin and end our days with a school prayer, and our students learn about the importance of faith – in God, in ourselves and in one another. We follow the modeling of St. Angela and the Ursuline Sisters, encouraging and welcoming students of all religions and faiths to become part of our Mount Merici Family, and to openly share in our collective spiritual enrichment.

Mount Merici Academy is an Ursuline Catholic school offering age-appropriate faith education. (Click here to see our curricula listed individually under the “Academic Excellence” tab.) With nearly 50% of our student body being non-Catholic, we encourage our students to share aspects of their faiths with us in an effort to find our common ground.


Parental Involvement

In choosing to enroll your children at our school, you make a commitment to be part of their education, and to be contributing members of the school community.

Parents of Mount Merici Academy students – past and present – can attest to the comfort and support of the family atmosphere present at our school.

Family Support

We admire and respect the sacrifices made today to educate and raise a family. To assist families, Mount Merici Academy offers needs-based and multiple-child scholarships. We also offer an eight-week summer daycare, and both early morning and after school care. We take pride in supporting parents who so heartily support their children.

Proven Track Record

Mount Merici Academy alumni are consistently leaders in high school and college, in their communities, and in their places of employment.  They are consistently found to be significant contributors to good service in the world, because their Serviam hearts, born at Mount Merici, never leave them.  Coaches, professors, other parents and employers regularly tell us that Mount Merici Academy graduates stand out as students, as athletes, as leaders and as good stewards in their communities.

We are proud of our alumni, and of our long history of helping parents raise extraordinary human beings.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Mount Merici Academy is proud to recruit students of any race, color, ethnic origin or religion to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin or religion in administration of our educational policies, fees, educational programs, athletic programs, or extra-curricular activities.

If you are a prospective parent, we would love to have you visit our campus and take a tour of our school. Please contact our main office at 207-873-3773, and our administration staff will assist you in scheduling a tour, and answer any questions you may have about our enrollment process.