Enroll Your Child at Mount Merici Academy

K and 6 buddies

Start your child on the right path with an education from Mount Merici Academy. We prepare our students for academic success now and in the future. The Mount Merici Academy experience is unique and offers a wide-ranging academic program that will enhance your child’s abilities. As a Catholic school, we provide a Christ-centered atmosphere where religion is experienced throughout the day.

Why Enroll Your Child?


Our Stanford Achievement Test scores are consistently high. Our average Grade 4 test scores equaled those of Grade 8 students nationally. Fifth grade scores averaged ninth grade equivalency and average scores of sixth graders rivaled those of Grade 10 students across the nation.

Emphasis on Service

Sophia at the Food Bank

The Serviam Shield, our logo worn on student uniforms, means “I will serve.” Serving others is a component of every class curriculum. From pre-kindergarten efforts to collect canned goods for the needy, to sixth & seventh graders working at the area soup kitchen, Muskie Center, and food Bank; to eighth graders combining their years of service work into a senior project where they find a year long service project that they are passionate about. Each student is taught they can make a difference.

Disciplined, Safe Environment

Here, discipline is synonymous with respect. Children learn that behaviors which enhance themselves, also benefit others.

Mount Merici Academy also gives families reassurance by providing a secure environment. While we welcome visits by family and friends, we are mindful of safety measures, limiting outside access to ensure security. Children of Mount Merici Academy know they are loved, protected and safe.

Enrichment Opportunities

The teaching curriculum here is complemented with enrichment opportunities including: Physical Education, Life Sports, after school athletics (3-8) such as soccer, basketball, and running club, French classes (K-8), technology instruction, arts, Big Buddy Program (K-8), Odyssey of the Mind (6-8), Writer’s Workshop (6-8),  and after school Violin and piano lessons available (K-8).

Providing such enrichment opportunities helps young students learn and respect other populations and discover their individual potentials.

Faith Focus

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A school day at Mount Merici Academy begins and ends with school prayer and there is daily religious instruction. Liturgical Celebrations are held monthly. We also encourage and welcome students of all religions to openly share faith and pray together.

Parental Involvement

In choosing to enroll your children at our school, you make a commitment to be part of their learning and contributing members of the school community.

Parents of Mount Merici Academy – both past and present – can attest to the comfort and support of the family atmosphere inherently present at our school.

Family Support

With an increasing number of both parents in the workforce, we admire and respect the sacrifices made today to educate and raise a family. To assist families, Mount Merici Academy offers tuition subsidy programs sponsored by area Catholic parishes and needs-based and multiple child scholarships. We also offer an eight-week summer daycare and both early morning and after school care. We take pride in supporting parents who support their children.

Proven Track Record

Ben and Denny

More than 80 percent of our students are listed on secondary and high school honor rolls. At Mount Merici Academy, there is a long and rich history of providing a quality education.

1982 MMA Graduate Deb Biche-Labbe states, “I think the biggest thing that Mount Merici Academy provided me as a student is the foundation of my personal leadership philosophy that I try to implement on a daily basis as a professional. Leading by example, giving others more than they expect to get, winning and losing with humility and grace, putting team first are all lessons that originated in the halls and playground at MMA. The teachers and administration each demonstrated these important values of Servant Leadership and helped me lay that foundation into my value system as a young child.” Deb is currently the head women’s soccer coach at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. She has a vast resume in the world of athletics; inducted into Plymouth State Hall of Fame in 2000 for soccer and coaching from Division I to Division III.

We are proud of our students—both past and present—for who they are and will become. It is a privilege to be a part of each of their lives.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Mount Merici Academy is proud to recruit students of any race, color, ethnic origin or religion to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin or religion in administration of our educational policies, fees, educational programs, athletic programs, and extra-curricular activities.

If you are a prospective parent, we would love to have you visit our campus and take a tour of our school. Please contact our main office at 207-873-3773 and our administration staff will assist you in scheduling a tour time and answer any questions you may have on our enrollment process.